Tree Down

Wednesday 30th March 2015

I took Max out to Kingston Lacy again today, looking for signs of spring and to see if there were any trees down after Storm Katie (the National Trust close the Woodland Walk and gardens in high winds).

Do you remember the ‘Whomping Willow’ photo from last week? I can’t remember if I said, but it is actually a Horse Chestnut, and this week the buds were starting to burst.

Horse Chestnut bud bursting

I’m sorry that’s not a great photo, but I only had the Powershot with me today, and it’s often difficult to get it to focus where you want close up. In the woods one or two bluebells were starting to show, and the primroses were out.

Primroses in the Woodland Walk

Then, towards the end of the Woodland Walk we came across this.

Fallen beech tree in the Woodland Walk

That is a huge beech tree right alongside the path, so you can see why they close the grounds when it’s windy. But the remarkable thing about the tree, which I’ve noticed on fallen beeches before, is how shallow the root system is. As you can most probably see, the roots came clean out of the ground, and this is the side on shot, showing that the roots were a little over 2 feet deep

. Big tree. shallow root system

Something else you may have noticed from the photos is that it was a pretty grey day. And it got greyer.

Kingston Lacy house and Philae Obelisk

I didn’t think we were going to get round in the dry, but we did. It started to spit with rain as we were leaving, and then by the time we got to Corfe Mullen (about 5 minutes in the car) we were hit by a huge hail storm. I obviously timed my walk right this morning.

A year ago today

I had to take the car to the garage, so wandered round to Hatch Pond with the camera where I took this photo of a swan.



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