The bluebell woods at Pamphill

Wednesday 13th April 2016

It was a lovely sunny morning so I decided to take Max out to see the bluebell woods at Pamphill. Pamphill is a little village near Wimborne and the woods there, known as Abbot Street Copse, form part of the Kingston Lacy estate and so are managed by the National Trust.

I love bluebell woods when the flowers are in bloom. The bluebells were all out here, but there was still very little scent to them. I think they are still too young. I took lots of photos so will only share a few of them here.

A sea of blueA sea of blue

Shadow and light Shadow and light in the bluebell woods


A single flower head Bluebell

Max in the bluebellsMax in the bluebell woods

We spent quite a bit of time in the woods, and then walked back up to St Stephen’s church.

St Stephen's Church

I didn’t realise, but there is a path out of the back of the church grounds to some more woods, so we walked around there as well.

We had had a lovely morning out.

I have one other photo from today: I ordered Jezebel a new bed, which came all the way from Germany. Finally in the evening she decided to try it out.

Jez tries out her new bed


A year ago today

I don’t have any photos from exactly a year ago today, so I will leave you with a photo of Max in the Gruffalo Pool in Wareham Forest, taken on 12th April last year.

Max in the Gruffalo Pool


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