A spring walk at Kingston Lacy

Tuesday 19th April 2016

So we have been to see the bluebells at Badbury Rings, and we’ve been to see the bluebells at Pamphill, both of which are part of the National Trust Kingston Lacy estate, and today it was the turn of Kingston Lacy itself.

Kingston Lacy House

Max and I wandered across to the Woodland Walk, and today decided to explore the section north of the play area, towards the main road. It’s looked too muddy up until now to go that way. I have to say, though, it was a tad boring and I’m not sure I’ll bother again unless I’m looking for a slightly longer walk. There are nowhere near as many bluebells in the woods here, but there were one or two banks of them, like this one here.

Bluebells in the Woodland Walk

And I quite like this photo of the individual flowers.


Further on round the wild garlic is coming into flower, and the smell was really pungent.

Wild Garlic

Such a pretty little flower.

In the formal gardens the blossom is out: seen here with daffodils.

Blossom and daffodils

And here, on it’s own.


The Japanese garden is starting to look pretty too.

Japanese Garden

And last, but by no means least, a near-perfect camellia bloom.

A near-perfect Camellia

Isn’t that beautiful?

A year ago today

I don’t have any photos of a year ago today, so instead I’ll include another one from a year ago yesterday: this time of Chesil Bank (leading out to Portland Bill) and The Fleet.

Chesil Bank and the Fleet


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