Monday’s walk to Upton Heath

Monday 18th April 2016

As usual on a Monday morning Max and I walked over to Upton Heath. We were fortunate to have sunshine today, so I took the better camera with me.

First thing I spotted as I walked along the footpath next to our house: Max’s nemesis (or at least one element of it). The oaks are in flower.

Oak flowers

Oaks are one of the trees Max is allergic to, so this won’t be a good time for his. It most probably also explains why I’ve had to put him back on his steroids recently. He doesn’t care, though. All he cares about is water and his cone.


And one last photo from today: Max peers though the fence alongside one of the boardwalks on the heath, waiting for me to throw his cone (you can see it at the very bottom of the photo).

Max waits hopefully by the boardwalk

That’s really a large puddle there though, so not surprisingly I had to wash him off in Creekmoor Ponds on the way home.

A year ago today

My friend Irene was staying with us while she recuperated from a hip replacement, so we went for a day out to West Bay, further west along the Dorset coast.

East Beach and the cliffs


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