Search and Rescue

Saturday 16th April 2016

As we had Jez with us for our walk this afternoon I wanted somewhere where she could potter about. In addition, her physio had suggested that sensory stimulation, such as sand or long grass, to her back feet and legs might help her. So with that in mind we went down to Lake Pier at Hamworthy.

I was aware from Facebook that the Search and Rescue teams were out and about in Hamworthy as an older gentleman had gone missing from there earlier in the day. When we got to the car park the teams were still there.

Search and Rescue at Lake Pier

Sadly, as I write this (10 days later) I believe that they still haven’t found him. It must be such a worrying time for his family. Max, meanwhile, was happy to be back on the beach and I spent all of my time there throwing a cone into the sea for him while Jez pottered about. We only wandered back and forth along the beach today, and didn’t walk up around the cliff top and lake, as I needed to keep Jez’s walking to a minimum. She was happy though, until she went along the pier. It’s an old wooden pier, and she got half way along before she realised she really wasn’t coping very well with the slats where her hind legs weren’t working properly. So we quickly headed back to the car park, but not before I had snapped Max, who, whilst we were on the pier, wandered around in the water below.

Max from the pier

And one last photo from today: of one of the boats that’s always moored out near the marine base.


I thought it looked good in black and white.

A year ago today

Here’s Jez, on a nice sunny day, in the River Stour at Cowgrove.

Jez in the River Stour


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