I try Jez on Upton Heath

Saturday 23rd April 2016

Jez seems to have been walking a little bit better recently, and she has been wanting to go out more, so this afternoon I thought I would try her on Upton Heath. My plan was that if she didn’t want to walk very far we could just hang around under the pine trees which are fairly close to the road.

I took a ball to entertain Max.

Ball please Mum!

Jez seemed happier to walk today.


In fact, she chose to head to the pond. I was worried it was a bit far, but thought I could walk her directly back to the car (no way could she walk the whole of the lower heath). I was a lovely spring day for it though.

Spring on Upton Heath

Here’s Max in the pond.

Max in the pond

And Jez standing near the pond after she’d been in the water.

Jez stands by the pond

So from the pond I had intended to take the shortest route back to the car, as I had said, but Jez had other ideas and headed off into the old pits. Fortunately when we emerged she spotted and old friend just along the old railway line in the direction I wanted her to go, so I managed to get her directly back to the car after that. She had done very well though.

A year ago today

Max and I went for a walk on Canford Heath. That’s Hotchkiss Cross in the photo below.

Hotchkiss Cross


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