A sunny afternoon at the beach

Saturday 30th April 2016

We had more sunshine today, although there was quite a chill to the breeze. That meant I wrapped up well when I took the dogs down to Lake Pier at Hamworthy – which was a mistake! Down there we were pretty sheltered and I was soon quite hot. I got some good photos though.

As ever, Max was really excited to be on the beach. Here he waits at the water’s edge for me to go and play with him.

On the beach

I had chosen the beach again as Jez’s physio had suggested the sand might help her work out what her back legs are going. The poor little soul really struggled though. She found it very hard going and was wobbling everywhere. She, too, was really pleased to be on the beach, though, and loved the water.

Jez is happy to be in the sea

And the water was looking very inviting today.

Poole Harbour

And here’s a close up of that boat that you can see on the right of that photo.


Max, as ever, just wanted me to throw things into the sea for him.


And, for today, one last photo of a very happy Jezebel.


After we’d been on the beach Jez decided she wanted to walk to the lake. I was worried it was a bit far for her, but she managed well. And at least it meant I washed the salt and sand off the dogs before taking them home.

A year ago today

Max and I parked by Eye Bridge then walked up to Abbot Street Copse in Pamphill to see the bluebells.

Max in the Bluebells


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