Down by the river

Tuesday 3rd May 2016

The river in question is the River Stour at Cowgrove. Max and I hadn’t been there since the autumn, and as I had to go to Wimborne to pick up meds for Jez from the vet I thought it would make a nice change, especially as it was a nice morning.

The River Stour at Cowgrove

Of course Max was in his element. First of all we had a play at the playing place.

Bringing back the cones

And then a bit further on he had a swim.

Swim time

Here he is waiting for me to throw his cone again.

Max in the River Stour

It was nice to see that we are well into spring now. The blossom was looking lovely.


And I was really pleased to see an Orange Tip butterfly.

Orange tip butterfly

The Red Ruby Devon cattle were getting in on the act too and there were two young calves in the field. This is one of them.

A new life

And then it was back round to the playing place before we headed back to Eye Bridge where we were parked.

River and clouds from Eye Bridge

Of course, we had to go over the bridge for a quick play in the river there before we headed back to the car.

Max on Eye Bridge


A year ago today

Max, Jez and I went for a walk on Canford Heath.

Like ships that pass in the night


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