Hot and Sunny in Delph Woods

Friday 6th May 2016

Being a Friday I went and did my grocery shopping before I walked Max. Today, however, Jez decided that she would like to come too. It was a hot and sunny day, and I thought the walk in the heat to the pond on Upton Heath (where I had been intending to go) would be a bit far for her, so instead I took the dogs to Delph Woods. This is where Chris takes them most days. The advantage of it, on a day like today, is that Jez doesn’t have to walk very far if she’s not up to it, plus there is a lot of water around.

So I parked next to the cricket pitch and Jez promptly decided to take a rest in the shade behind the sight screens. So I played with Max for a while until she was ready to move.

Max on the cricket pitch

Eventually I got her to the stream on the other side of the cricket pitch, and from there to the lake where both dogs had a bit of a cool down (although they had both been in the stream too). Then we headed back to the scout field (so called as it’s sometimes used for scout camps). Here’s Jez sitting in the shade there.

Jez on the scout field

And one of her lying down.

Jez rests in the shade

And here’s Max showing us just how long his tongue is.

Max wants to play

We hung around for quite a while and then eventually headed back to the car. Half way across the cricket pitch we met a young dog called Bella. She is 18 months old, a Staffy/Ridgeback cross and was very friendly and lively. And it was at this point that Jez, who struggles to walk properly a lot of the time, let alone run, decided to play with her. I’m not sure that it’s that good for Jez, but she has to have some fun in her life, so I let her play. She could only cope with it for a short time, and then had to lie down and rest. Anyway, here’s a photo of Bella coming to see me, with Jez lying down in the background.

Bella, an 18 month old Staffy/Ridgeback cross

And after that we went back to the car and then home.

A year ago today

Sheep at Upton Country Park. A pastoral scene


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