Broadstone Rec. in bloom

Friday 13th May 2016

What with poor weather and visiting my Dad on Wednesday (now a regular thing) I haven’t taken any more photos this week until today. As I was later with my walk today (I do my shopping first on a Friday) Jez decided she was coming with Max and I, so we went to Broadstone Rec. It was a bit chilly when we started out, although later the sun came out, which was nice.

This is the time of year when the trees and shrubs are in bloom at the Rec.

Firstly there’s the blossom.


And then there’s the rhododendrons. We have purple..

. Rhododendron

… White …


… and a purple bud.

Rhododendron bud

There are also some very colourful azaleas, such as this flame one…


… and this yellow one.


We had a nice little walk, although it was longer than I expected thanks to Jez leading the way: but then, what’s new?

Today was also our 34th Wedding anniversary. We didn’t go out, but we opened a bottle of champagne in the evening and I cooked Chris a new curry recipe for dinner, which was very tasty.

A year ago today

As an anniversary surprise I took Chris to see the Anthony Gormley ‘Land’ statue at Kimmeridge Bay.

Land, by Anthony Gormley


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