A morning walk by the river

Tuesday 17th May 2016

It was quite a nice day today, and Jez wanted to come for a walk, so I decided that we would go to the River Stour at Eyebridge. My thinking was that if we only went to where the dogs play in the river and then back again it would be about the right length walk for Jez.

Walking along the path we found the horses were lined up having their breakfast (or more likely a mid-morning snack).

Eating in line

I was rather surprised to see a pair of Mandarin Ducks on the river. Here is the male looking very resplendent.

Mandarin Duck

Jez was happy to be back by the river as she hadn’t been there for some time. And once we got to the playing place she was soon in the water cooling down.

Jez cools down

Meanwhile I was busy throwing cones for Max. Here he is picking one out of the water.

Collecting his cones

And bringing his two cones back.

Bringing back the cones

After we had played for a while we headed back to the car. I took some photos of the comfrey that is now in flower near the playing place. There is purple comfrey…


… and white comfrey.


Back at the ford a lady had just pulled up in a car and was about to get her dogs out. She had 4 Golden Retreivers: Grandad, Mum, Son and Daughter. Here they all are waiting to start their walk.

Grandad, Mum, Son & Daughter waiting to go for their walk

Aren’t they lovely?

A year ago today

Jez, Max and I went to Pamphill in the afternoon to see the bluebells.

"The Bluebell"


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