We meet Rockley Watersports

Tuesday 24th May 2016

Today was a lovely sunny day, although there was a bit of a chilly breeze, so I chose to take the dogs down to Lake Pier at Hamworthy. As usual Max jumped out of the car and raced to the water’s edge to wait for me to come and throw cones for him.

Waiting to play

After a short time he was joined by Jez.

By the sea

While we were playing a crocodile of canoes from Rockley Watersports pulled up on the beach.

Canoe train

There was another group a little way behind them.

Heading for the beach

Max wasn’t too bothered by what was going on.

Between the canoes

But Jez had to go and say hello and then investigate the boats.

Jez investigates

Their leaders got them playing a tag game on the beach so I decided it would be a good idea to take the dogs back along towards the pier. We crossed to the beach that lies between the pier and the marine base, and as we started to play one of the dredgers that keeps Poole Harbour free from silt moved from it’s mooring further out in the harbour.

Harbour dredger

We walked along that short section of beach and back, at the end of which I took a short video clip of Jez struggling to walk on the dry sand.

Poor little soul is happy enough though.

And on the subject of Jez I’m pleased to say that she had a second heart scan yesterday and the vet was pleased with her. He says she was slightly improved for her last scan 3 months ago, thanks to her medication. We also chatted about the practice’s Pet Fit Hydro at their Bournemouth practice and as a result I took Jez there this afternoon. The vet took ages with her and at the end introduced her to the water walker (without the water on this occasion) and tried some sensory water therapy on her. This basically involved showering her back and legs. Poor Jez – she doesn’t do baths and showers, but she was a good little dog. We are going back a week on Friday for a proper session.

A year ago today

We went to Lychett Bay for our walk.

Strolling down the path


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