A longer walk by the River Stour

Monday 30th May 2016

Well, I say a longer walk. What I actually mean is we did our normal length walk, which was longer than we did last time Jez came with us. Jez wanted to come out again this morning and so to make a change after 3 days of walking on Upton Heath I thought we could go to the River Stour at Eyebridge.

As we walked along the river bank we passed the horses in their field. Clearly this one had decided that it was time for an after-breakfast nap.

An after-breakfast nap

It was obviously catching though, since as soon as he sat up the second horse decided it was time to lay down too.

This napping business is obviously catching

When we reached the place where the dogs play in the river we met a very bouncy retriever. Jez thought she could lose it by wading out towards the middle of the river, but to no avail.

A Golden Retriever chases Jez in the hope she'll want to play

After a few moments it got the message though and Jez was able to cool off in peace.

Peace at last

After Jez had cooled down and Max had played cone we started back in the direction of the car, but Jez had other ideas as turned off left to follow the circular walk past the farm and along the old stream bed. I was worried that it would be too far for Jez, but she was determined and managed well in the end.

Once we rejoined the river path Max headed for his swimming spot.

Max wants to go for a swim

And I threw his cones for his to have a swim (silly dog won’t swim unless you throw something for him). Here he is, swimming back to me, cone in mouth.

Swimming in the River Stour

While I was squatting on a tree by the river bank Jez came and tried to raid the treat bag. Once I’d got her nose out of it I took the opportunity to get a rather unusual shot of her.

A different perspective

I rather like that photo.

After that we headed back to the bay where they play for yet another dunk in the river, and then it was back to the car. By now it was getting quite hot and en route back we met loads of people and dogs, much to Jez’s delight.

A year ago today

We went over to Upton Heath and took in Pinesprings, where I took this photo of Max.

Waiting for Jez


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