Bloomin’ Beautiful

Thursday 9th June 2016

Today is all about flowers.

At Upton Country Park the wildflower meadow that was sown last year is now in bloom. It mainly consists of Oxeye Daisies, with the occasional poppy thrown in.

Wild flower meadow

Meanwhile, one of the banks alongside the new car park has been planted with cornflowers, poppies and whatever those yellow flowers are.

Wildflower bank by the car park

Back at home I was inspired to stick the 100mm Macro lens on the EOS 6D and venture out into the garden.

My geraniums are now in bloom.


Here they are backlit.

Bokeh geraniums

This bunch of Salvias are looking very nice too.


And finally a pot of Osteopermums that I bought last summer and which are blooming again.


I like this time of the year.

A year ago today

Max and I went out to Morden Bog for our walk.

Panorama of Morden Bog


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