On Upton Heath

Sunday 12th and Monday 13th June 2016

On Sunday afternoon I took the dogs up to the top end of Upton Heath at Corfe Mullen as Jez had seemed determined to walk there last week. After a slow start we eventually made it round to the little pond, which has almost dried up now. We found the cows lazing about by the side of the pond.

The cows were relaxing by the pond

Surprisingly Jez did not want to go and investigate them, so both dogs went in the pond and then we sat on the grass close by where I took some photos of them. Here is Jez…


… and here is Max.


Although most of the cows were to the side of the pond one was up on the bank a little way over from us. It was totally ignoring everyone who wandered along but he and we decided to move at roughly the same time and had to pass.

Someone is quite inquisitive

For some reason the cow took a keen interest in Max, which put Jez off completely and she refused to walk past it. So Max and I had to go back and join her. As I did I noticed a pretty little Cinnebar Moth on the ground, so I bent over to get a photo or two.

Cinnabar Moth

So there I was, bottom in the air, focused on the moth, when I saw Max jump away out of the corner of my eye. I turned around, and there was the cow – about a foot from my backside! I think if I hadn’t stood up he was going to nudge me! After that he lost interest and wandered off to join the others. But despite this Jez clearly didn’t want to walk any further. I think she was still a bit tired from her second adventure in the water-walker on Friday. So we headed back to the car (squeezing past an extremely large cow with big horns in the process).

Once at the car Jez had a rest while I threw Max’s ball for a while. All the time the local bunnies were keeping a wary eye on us.

This rabbit was keeping a wary eye on the dogs

On Monday morning it was raining. Despite this Jez decided she wanted to come so I drive both dogs over to Upton Heath. We don’t have much to report, except that it was Jez’s first full circuit of the lower heath since March. Also I was pleased to see the dog roses are out.

Here is a bud.

Dog rose bud

And here’s an open flower.

Dog rose after the rain

I think today’s longer walk made up for yesterday’s short one in Jez’s eyes.

A year ago today

Chris found a pair of stag beetles when he went out the front door.

Stag Beetles mating

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