Turlin Moor Rec

Tuesday 14th June 2016

My plan this morning had been to go to Lychett Bay for our walk, so I drove down there and we set off. The weather was, once again, overcast and this was the view across the bay as we left the rugby pitches and turned out onto Turlin Moor Rec.

Clouds over Lychett Bay

We walked into the Rec but Jez didn’t want to take our usual shoreline path and turned inland, at which point she realised there were dogs on the rugby pitches so she cut through the trees and went to see them. I eventually got her back through the trees but she wanted to walk around the outside of the Rec., so that’s what we did. After a little while the sun came out.


You can see more dog roses in the background on that photo. These were darker than those we saw yesterday, but were still very pretty.

Dog rose bud Dog Rose

We walked all the way around the edge of the Rec. and didn’t get down to the shoreline, except in one place where a land drain goes out. But the bank has collapsed there and it was too steep for Jez. Max went in and splashed after a cone though. After that Jez decided she was hot and so it was time for a rest. Here’s Max resting with his ball.

A dog and his ball

And here’s Jez.


And as an added bonus – check out that tongue.

Jez gives 'Tongue out Tuesday' her best shot

If most definitely was a ‘Tongue out Tuesday’.

A year ago today

We went to Canford Heath where I took this photo of a foxglove.



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