Another inquisitive cow

Saturday 25th June 2016

Jez went out with Chris this morning so I thought it best to let her rest in the afternoon which meant that I only had Max with me when I went over to Upton Heath. It was also very overcast and I thought it might rain, which is not good if you have Jez in tow.

We started off by walking to the pond.

Pond time

We walked around the back of the pond as I wanted to try and get a photo of the Bog Asphodel which are now in bloom across the boggy areas of the heath.

The Bog Asphodel are out

After that we headed up the hill. My logic was that if it did rain we could walk back under cover of the trees along the Roman Road. En route we met the cows. Most just got on munching the grass. This one was happy to just stare at us from a distance.

Are you looking at me?

But there was one that was very inquisitive and had to come over to meet us. It made for a good photo though.

Mr Inquisitive

And Max was very good: he didn’t bark once.

We walked on up the hill and the sun came out and I had to take my coat off. So much for thinking it was going to rain!

There are no photos from a year ago today


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