Happy Bottom

Sunday 26th June 2016

No, I’m not being rude. Today we did a new walk: at the newly revamped Nature Reserve at Happy Bottom on the edge of Corfe Mullen.

Happy Bottom

It wasn’t all plain sailing though. I don’t know if you can see, but the paths that join up the two bits of the reserve as shown on that map don’t actually meet (well, at least they don’t meet on the map), so we struggled to find our way around, even with Google Maps on my phone. We started off in the woods.

In the woods

That wasn’t a very long walk though and we ended walking around in a big circle and coming back to where we started. So then we walked along the road to the next entrance, which we eventually got to after I had dragged Max past the dead deer on the side of the road.

The path here took us through a meadow,

Walking up the hill at Happy Bottom

And then we came to another meadow that turned away from the road and headed north.

Jez walks around the edge of the field

Here you could see where a lot of the work had been done to improve the Reserve. This was a very nice bit of boardwalk.

New boardwalk

And after that we got lost. My sense of direction is usually good, but the path I wanted to take seemed to be leading us in the wrong direction according to the GPS on my phone. So instead we took the path that led to the old railway line.

Heading for the old railway line

We picked up the railway line and followed the cutting until it went under the road, and then we went up the steps to join the road. Opposite us was this interesting little house.

Was this once a chapel?

It looks like it was once an old chapel. After that we had to walk back along the road to the car. It was quite a long way and the road is narrow with lots of bends and no footpaths. I wouldn’t say it was a pleasant walk back but we reached the car eventually (having passed the dead deer for a second time). The walk had really been too far for Jez, but she coped well. Next time I’ll try going when I only have Max and see if I can find how the two parts of the reserve join up.

A year ago today

Max had a poorly elbow and had to go for an X-ray. He was very groggy when we bought him home after his anaesthetic.

Poorly boy recovering from his anaesthetic


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