We make it to Upton Heath

Monday 4th July 2016

Today, without Jezebel in tow (she decided to have a lie in), Max and I made it over to Upton Heath for a walk. It was a bit of a grey day though.

The path up the hill

Alongside the paths all of the blackberries are all in flower.

Blackberry flowers

And today, with the better camera, I was able to get a decent photo of the Bog Asphodel.

Bog Asphodel

We walked to the pond…

Max in the pond

… and then today, for a change, we walked around the back of the pits.

Behind the old pits

This is a bit of a strange path. It starts out as a very clear path and then at the far side of the pits peters out. And if you’re not careful you end up in a big boggy area. As it was summer we managed to turn down the side of the pits and then pick up the path to the lake though.

Max on the path to the lake

This was our view of the lake as we reached the north end of it.

The lake

Of course, Max had to have a swim a bit further along where he could easily get in the water.

Max waits to swim in the lake

And this was the view across the lake from his swimming spot.

View across the lake

After that we headed back across the lower heath on our usual path and then back along the Roman Road to the car. It had made a nice change though. Two years ago today There are not photos from a year ago today.


Two years ago today

I was still staying with Dad while he convalesced, and went for a walk along the River Stour in Christchurch.

River Stour


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