In which we take Dad for a walk

Wednesday 6th July 2106

Wednesday mornings I now go to see my Dad in Highcliffe to help him go through his post and sort out any financial bits and bobs that want seeing to. Now he’s getting older and his eyesight is failing he struggles with the small print. I also normally take the dogs. Today there was very little to go through, and as it was sunny I suggested we go for a walk. So we all piled in the car and I drove us round to Hengistbury Head.

Walking towards the Head

For those of you who weren’t reading my blog a couple of years ago when I was staying with Dad, the Head is a spit of land that juts out from near Bournemouth and forms one side of Christchurch and Mudeford harbours. It has been inhabited since the Iron Age (ie before the Roman invasion). Today it is mainly a nature reserve and tourist spot. Of course, Jez and Max don’t care about any of that and headed for the sea.

On the beach

Max was in his element.

Max is in his element

Here he is with Dad in a photo I’ve called ‘A meeting of Minds’

A meeting of minds

And here’s one I took of Dad.


And lastly, here is a panorma looking past the Visitor Centre and inland across the River Stour to Christchurch.

Looking towards the R Stour and the Visitor Centre

I think the walk was a bit long for Jez in the heat (her heart condition means she can’t cope well with heat), but we’d only walked 1.25 miles. It was a bit long for Dad too and he was worn out by the time I got him home.

A year ago today

I was busy taking photos of the power lines on Upton Heath.

Power Lines (1)


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