More inquisitive cows

Thursday 7th July 2016

Today I chose to take the dogs to the River Stour at Eye Bridge as my pilates class was cancelled. It was a bit of an overcast day, but not particularly cold.

Across the Stour

We walked along to the big bay where the dogs play and they both went in the river. Here is Jez by the reed beds.

Jez in the river

I expected Jez to be happy to walk on round again, but after yesterday’s longer walk she simply wanted to return to the car, so distance-wise, it was a bit of a short walk for us.

The weather this spring and summer has meant that the foliage has grown like mad, and the grass and wildflowers are high. I thought this hogweed flower was pretty as it is young and still has some pink in it.

Hogweed flower

I have noticed a distinct lack of insects though and have hardly seen any butterflies at all this year. I suspect the damp conditions and the winds are to blame. I was pleased to find this bee on what I think is a sowthistle.

Bee on a sowthistle

When we walked along to the bay the cows had been in the middle of their field. By the time we walked back several of them were over by the fence. They are mainly Red Devons on this farm.

Red Devon

I walked up to the fence and this one came to see me.

Nosy #1

He was very nosy, and, as you can see, his nose was a bit bloodied.

A bloodied nose

And I love this close up of his eye.

Eye sees you

But there were other cows in the field today too. Being black and white I would guess they are Holstein Friesians, but their markings are unusual. Anyway, this one was also very nosy.

Nosy #2

And I loved it’s white eyelashes.

White eyelashes!

We eventually got back to the bridge and I nipped up there to get a photo across the weir. Max thought we were going over to the other bank and dashed off in front of me.

Max crosses Eye Bridge

Unfortunately Jez doesn’t feel she can cope with the bridge at the moment, so I contented myself with a photo down stream and then rejoined her.

View across the weir

It took me a while to get Max back though.

Both dogs had another dip in the river at the ford and then we went into the field adjacent to where I had parked. They had cut the long grass and whilst it’s not good for Max’s allergies it did allow me to get some photos of the dogs. So, to finish, here’s Jez…


… and here’s Max.


Oh, and that short walk took us a couple of hours!

A year ago today

I came home from Upton Country Park to find a buzzard perched in the oak tree in our drive.



One thought on “More inquisitive cows

  1. I just had to make a quick visit here this morning, hoping to see photos of Jez and Max– and I got quite a bonus with the cows and bird too (from last year)! Thanks for these lovely virtual walks in England. The heat here has me wishing I could be there in person.

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