On Upton Heath

Saturday 9th July 2016

Apologies to everyone. I’ve been a bit busy and so haven’t had time to edit my photos, let alone write a blog post. But things are back to normal now and I’m in the process of having a bit of a catch up. My problem is going to be remembering what happened on our walks, so I think most of the time I will just have to let the photos tell the story.

So, on this particular Saturday Jez, Max and I went for a walk on Upton Heath in the afternoon. It took me a while to get Jez up the hill to the old railway line as she insisted on having a rest half way up.


While I was waiting for her to move on I took a photo of Max too.


We walked along the old railway line and headed for the pond, and I was surprised to see that the fungi, in this case Amanita pantharina, are already coming out.

The first Amanita Pantharinas

When we got to the pond a couple of ladies were already there with a lovely little 2 year old staffy-cross called Alice.

Meet Alice

As it was quite a warm day Jez had a long cool down…

Jez takes the weight off

… and a shake.

Shake time

Meanwhile Max waited patiently for me to throw his cone as usual.

Happy boy in the pond

And while my two were standing around calmly, Alice raced in and out of the water with her ball.

You've dropped your ball, Alice

After that we walked back to the car and came home. Chris had been cutting the lawn in the back garden so was ready for a rest and a beer.

Chris and Max relax in the garden

Of course, Jez had to join in.

Jez wants to join in

But she soon showed Chris what she thought of him.

Jez shows Chris what she thinks of him

So Chris retaliated.

Chris retaliates

And that’s it for today. We’d had a very pleasant afternoon.

A year ago today

Max and I went to Upton Country Park. Here he is in the stream.

Max wants to play in the stream


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