The car park was closed

Sunday 10th July 2016

Yet another afternoon walk for me and the dogs, and today we headed up to Corfe Mullen to walk on the very top part of Upton Heath. When we got there, though, the barrier was down across the car park. I had a chat with another dog walker and he told me it had been down all week. He assumed it was to keep any travellers out as it is getting to the time of year when a lot of them tend to come to this area. It wasn’t too much of a problem as I parked on the road. It just meant that I couldn’t sit in the back of the car and play with Max while Jez had a rest at the end of our walk. It also meant that there were very few people and dogs around.

We walked round to the little pond which has just about disappeared now. I was pleasantly surprised to see that someone had made a little swing and hung from one of the trees.

A swing has appeared near the remnants of the pond

And no, I didn’t try it out. I was a bit worried it wouldn’t stand my weight!

This is the season for wildflowers and next to the reservoir the Vipers Bugloss and Ragwort were out.

Vipers Bugloss and Ragwort

I’ve been keeping my eye on the ragwort for a couple of weeks now, looking for Cinebarr Moth caterpillars. Today I was rewarded to find some that had recently hatched.

The cinebar moth caterpillars are starting to hatch

Shortly after that a fine misty rain started, so we walked around the reservoir (which is fenced off so you can’t get near it, by the way), and headed back to the car. En route back I was rather taken with this lovely thistle though, complete with hoverfly.

Hoverfly on Thistle

And that was our walk for today.

There are no photos from a year ago today.


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