A walk around Stanpit Marsh

Wednesday 13th July 2016

On Wednesday mornings I go to see my Dad in Highcliffe (the other side of Bournemouth & Christchurch to me) and sort out his paperwork and do any little jobs he needs me to do. Today there was nothing for me, so I dragged him and the dogs off to Stanpit Marsh.

Stanpit Marsh in on the edge of Christchurch and is a nature reserve. It is opposite side of the river to Hengistbury Head, where we went last week. This is the view across the marsh towards Christchurch.

View over the Rivers Avon and Stour to Christchurch

Jez and I have been before, when I was looking after my Dad after he broke his hip two years ago, but Max and Dad have never been. The only downside of it is that the dogs have to be kept on the lead all the way around. Here is Dad with the dogs.

Dad with Jez and Max

And Dad and Jez stepping out together.

Stepping out

This is another view up the River Stour with Christchurch Priory in the background. There’s a fisherman in the middle of the river.

Fishing in the River Stour

That water that you can see coming in on the right is the River Avon. The two rivers join here before flowing the short distance past Hengistbury Head into the sea.

It was quite a hot day so Jez was pleased when we got to the river. She had a good dunk to cool down.

Jez goes a bit deep

Max wasn’t interested in cooling down. He just wanted to stand in the water and wait for me to throw a cone for him (brought along especially for the purpose).

Never mind the photos, throw the cone Mum!

As we walked along the river two rowers came along.

Rowing on the River Stour

Here’s Dad on the river bank with Hengistbury Head in the background.

Dad, with Hengistbury Head in the background

And another photo of Dad.


This is the view looking from the river towards the village of Stanpit, where we were parked.

Looking over the marsh towards Stanpit

And lastly for today, the Cranesbill are in flower around Stanpit Recreation ground and look lovely. Here’s a bee coming in to land on one of the flowers.

Coming in to land

It had been a lovely walk, although at the end of it all I’d managed to wear both Dad and the dogs out.

There are no photos from a year ago today.


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