Jez and Max in Delph Woods

Saturday 16th July 2016

Today was a scorcher, so in the afternoon I took Jez and Max to Delph Woods and I knew there was shade and there would be water for them. Although we did walk through the woods all of the photos are taken on the Scout field, with the exception of this first one of Jez cooling down in the lake.

Jez cools down on a very hot day

Max went in the lake too, but his tail was splashing the water around too much for me to get a photo of him, so here is a photo of a sopping wet dog waiting for me to throw his ball after he’d been in the lake.


Here they both are on the Scout field.

Jez and Max

Jez likes to sit around and hassle me for treats. Meanwhile I throw the ball for Max. You can see there is a cricket match going on in the background.

Max comes back with the ball

I also eventually manged to get some decent photos of Jez, who normally walks off every time I point a camera at her.


And this one.


And lastly, just look at that tongue!


She’s no doubt preparing to beg for more treats.

A year ago today

Well, actually a year ago yesterday. We went for a walk round Lychett Bay.



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