Nea Meadows with Dad

Wednesday 27th July 2016

Wednesday mornings I go and visit my Dad in Highcliffe, which is just the other side of Bournemouth and Christchurch. I usually take the dogs with me as he likes to see them, and today, after I had done one or two little jobs for him, we walked over to Nea Meadows, which is his local nature reserve.

Here’s Dad counting the ducks on the pond there.

Dad watches the ducks

Poor little Jez. She’s not walking very well at the moment as on Sunday, when we had finished our walk on Upton Heath, she fell off the top of the ramp onto the road. She landed on her bad side and lay winded for a few seconds, but all of this week she has seemed a bit stiff and sore. She’s always happy to walk to Nea Meadows, however,

Jez has a rest

And that’s it for today, I’m afraid. As you may have been able to tell I only had my iPhone with me so didn’t take many photos.

A year ago today

Max and I play tug with a cone on Upton Heath.

Playing tug with a cone


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