A dog show at Upton Country Park

Saturday 30th July 2016

Jez is still a very stiff and sore little dog after her fall on Thursday. Although she had a hydrotherapy session yesterday the vet cut it short as she clearly didn’t want to be in the water walker. So we’re letting her take it easy for a short time. She went out with Chris this morning so I thought it best not to take her this afternoon. Instead I walked Max over to Upton Country Park where Dorset Dogs were holding a dog show.

Dorset Dogs Dog Show

Mind you, we nearly didn’t get there. Max did not want to walk along the street with me and took a lot of persuading. Which remind me: I forgot to say that Max also had a vet appointment on Thursday as his hind legs appear quite weak and wobbly at times. The vet said he has ataxia and is worried about him. He’s running some blood tests initially and if they are clear Max will have to go in for an X-ray on his spine.

So, back to the dog show. We got there eventually, as you can see from the photo above, and one of the first dogs we met was this gorgeous 16 week old German Shepherd puppy.

GSD Puppy

There was another white German Shepherd 2 weeks older than him, but she was so lively I couldn’t get a decent photo of her.

Max and I started off by walking around the stalls, including the Dorset Dogs stand.

Dorset Dogs stand

They still have an old photo of Jez on the boards, although you can’t see it in that photo. Max enjoyed visiting the stands as he was given a treat at each one! We then went and sat down for a while by the show ring.

Max has a rest

We were next to a Clumber Spaniel and at one point Max went to say hello. I just love Max’s expression in this photo.

Max and Bailey, a Clumber Spaniel

After a time I took Max on to the stream so that he could cool down.

Max cools off in the stream

And then we walked round through the Woodland Walk where I noticed that Bournemouth University are building a Dark Age house.

Dark Age Dwelling being build in the Woodland Walk

Having been very hot it had, by this time, clouded over.

View ocer Upton Farm

Max had not been walking too well so I phoned Chris to come and get me, rather than walk all the way home. The plan had been to leave Jez at home but she was having none of that and was in the back of the car when I put Max in. Although by this time they were clearing away the stands at the dog show I thought I’d give her a quick walk around the lawn. She was happy to go and meet the people who were left, especially Jo and Paul who run the training classes she and Max attended. And then she had to have a rest.

Jez rests after meeting her trainers at the Tricks 4 Treats stand

It took a while but I eventually managed to walk her back to the car and we came home.

A year ago today

Actually a year ago yesterday when we went to Badbury Rings. There were brooding clouds over the Point to Point course. Brooding clouds over the Point to Point course


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