Meeting friends on Upton Heath

Monday 1st August 2016

This morning, as usual on a Monday, we went to Upton Heath for our walk. It wasn’t long before we bumped into Dawn with Henry and Addy, her two English Pointers. We walked on towards the pond together as as we reached the old railway line with met Zeus (the BDCH rescue) and his owner. And then while we were talking Benji, the Border terrier, came along with his owners. It was quite a little meet up.

Meeting friends on Upton Heath

And although Max is missing from that photo he is in this one with Addy and Zeus (who is pre-occupied with his stick).

Addy, Zeus and Max

We chatted for quite a while before walking on the pond, and then after more playing and chatting there we made our way back to Beechbank Avenue where Chris came to pick us up.

A year ago today

We were also walking on Upton Heath but it was a much sunnier day.

Panorma over Upton Heath


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