Up the Roman Road to Pine Springs

Saturday 6th August 2016

It was fairly hot this afternoon. I got Chris to drive me and the dogs over to Upton Heath and we headed up the Roman Road as a lot of this is in the shade. First stop was the little pool in the stream next to the old railway bridge.

Max in the stream

From there we walked up the Roman Road until Jez turned off into Pine Springs.

Jez and Max

At Pine Springs we did a lot of sitting around, or in my case lying on my back in the sun having a little rest. I eventually moved Jez on to the next little field where she turned up the footpath that leads to Pine Springs Drive. But not before she’d had another rest.

Jez and Max I phoned for Chris to come and pick us up and he met us on Pine Springs Drive. It hadn’t exactly been a long walk.

A year ago today

It was a bit of a miserable day and we went with Linda to Upton Country Park.



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