We meet friends Henry and Addy

Monday 8th August 2016

This morning, as usual we went over to Upton Heath for our walk. The weather was a bit mixed, but it was fairly warm.

View across the lower heath

We were walking along the old railway line when along came our friends Henry and Addy, the two English Pointers, with their Mum, Dawn. Addy, now 18 months old, is still cautious when meeting Max in case he tells her off.

Addy finds her best bet is to roll over when she first meets Max

Henry used to be like that when he was young but now he and Max co-exist quite happily.

Max and Henry

We all walked round to the pond, where I was able to get a nice photo of Henry.


And here’s Max waiting for me to throw his cone.


And here’s Jez, just hanging around.


Max is such a slowcoach that Addy usually leaps in the water ahead of him and steals his cones which he just stands there. Today was no exception and Addy managed to steal several of Max’s cones. After a while Dawn and I turned round to see this.

It looks like they are snuggling

It looks like they are snuggling up, doesn’t it? But on closer inspection it turns out they are having a game of tug with one of the cones.

No - they are in a tug of war over one of Max's cones

Addy won, as usual, and took her prize to the far side of the pond to chew up.

Looks like Addy has won the tug of war as usual

Henry just had to settle for a drink.

Henry has a drink

And then they were off racing around together.

Time for a run

They are such lovely dogs and we had a really nice time with them. Eventually, though, we said goodbye and headed back the way we had come to the car.

A year ago today

We went for a walk around Creekmoor Ponds where I took this photo of Jez watching the ducks. I just love this photo.

Jez watches the ducks


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