A short walk today

Thursday 11th August 2016

We went to Broadstone Rec. for our walk this morning. I wanted somewhere where we could take it nice and easy as Max was at the vet for his X-Rays yesterday and I suspected he might be a bit stiff and sore from being pulled about.I was right, too. Neither dog wanted to walk very far and in the end we only walked around the paths that run around the cricket pitch and past the war memorial.

As for the war memorial, it was looking lovely in the sunshine.

Broadstone War Memorial

And here is a close up of the angel I like so much.

The angel

We walked around to the children’s playground and then sat on a seat chatting with some people for quite a while, during which time Jez took the opportunity to say hello to every dog that came along. And then we moved onto the cricket pitch and sat in the sun for a while. Jez decided to pull stupid expressions when I pointed the camera at her.

Jez looks happy

But I got a much better photo of Max.

Max rests after playing

As for Max’s X-ray results yesterday, they were not good. Apparently two sections of his spine have just about fused together, making his back very stiff. But the real issue is with his hips. The left hip has significant arthritic change. And the right hip … well the right hip barely exists any more. What remains of the ball joint appears to be sitting outside of what remains of the socket. The vet said this may actually result in less pain as bone isn’t rubbing against bone. But she was surprised that he still seems to have a good range of movement in the joint with no obvious evidence of pain. For now she’s going to forward his X-rays to an orthopaedic specialist, so we will wait to see what they say.

I’ll leave you with one last photo of Max which was actually taken on Friday 12th August. Clearly he got confused as to whether he should lie on or under his bed!

Max, you're supposed to lie on top of the bed Silly dog!

A year ago today

Max and I were walking on Canford Heath when I spotted two roe deer. Here’s one of them.

A roe deer keps a wary eye on us


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