I get it wrong again!

Sunday 14th August 2016

It was another hot, sunny day today. In the afternoon I took Jez and Max up to Delph Woods to take advantage of the shade and the water. But for the second day running Jez had other ideas and we ended up doing a very different walk instead.

We started out at Delph Woods: after all I parked there. But Jez immediately turned up the path the leads onto Dunyeat’s Heath.

Walking up the hill on Dunyeat's Heath

It was very pretty up there, although a bit hot. This silver birch provided a bit of shade.

Silver Birch

We got to the top of the hill. To the south it drops away to Dunyeats Road in Broadstone. If you turn east, however, you head towards Gravel Hill and the path that leads back to Delph Woods. From the top of the hill there are two paths leading this way.

The ‘path’ we always used to take turns out to be a fire break and there are barriers and signs saying no entry. Unfortunately the dogs can’t read and this is the way they’ve always gone.

Jez and Max can't read the sign that says not to walk on the fire break

That’s the old, filled-in rubbish tip to the north of Canford Heath that you can see in the background, by the way. At the end of the firebreak we picked up the path again and headed down the hill towards the pond.

Heading down the hill to the pond

Jez was happy to get there so that she could cool down.

Jez has a long cool  down

I wished I could have joined her.

Max, meanwhile, was content to stand in the mud!

Max has found the mud

From the pond we continued on, back to the lake in Delph Woods, where the dogs had another dip and Max washed off the mud. Then we headed onto the Scout field where we met our friend Jasper the lurcher and his owners, before we all headed back to our cars and home.

And one more photo for today: of Max in the evening, with his Monkey which he is systematically destroying.

Max and Monkey

A year ago today

We met our friend Fox on Upton Heath. She’d been splashing about in the mud.

Fox has been jumping in muddy puddles


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