It wasn’t supposed to rain today

Sunday 21st August 2016

This afternoon it was quite hot and sunny, so I thought I’d take the dogs to Delph Woods where there is shade and water. And what happens? It immediately clouds over and we arrived there in the middle of a short shower of rain! Fortunately it soon stopped.

Our walk at the Delph was slightly different today, but we still started off heading for the lake.

Max in the lake

Jez soon joined Max in the water and after she had cooled off she came to stand on the bank while I continued to throw Max’s cones so that he could have a swim.

Jez has heard something

She soon got bored with just hanging around, though, and decided to try and eat a tree instead.

Jez tries to eat the tree

Today, instead of heading straight for the scout field I walked in the general direction of Gravel Hill. I normally avoid going over this part of the woods as if the dogs run off after deer it’s a bit close to the road. As the road is currently closed, however, I thought I would take the opportunity.

There is another small ponds here which, although it can tend to be a bit mucky, currently has waterlilies flowering on it.

Max by the lily pond

We walked around this pond before eventually heading back to the scout field. En route I took this photo of Max.


And here is Jez on the scout field.

Jez on the scout field

We sat and played on the scout field for a while, then walked down to the stream. After that we headed back to the car and home.

A year ago today

We went for a walk on Upton Heath.

Looking across Upton Heath


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