Just me and Max today

Saturday 20th August 2016

Jez had had 3 good walks yesterday and went out with Chris this morning so this afternoon I decided it was most probably best to leave her at home, especially as she didn’t seem keen to come out with me. Max and I went to Upton Heath.

View over the heath

Rain was forecast so I wore my thin waterproof. That was a waste of time though, as it didn’t rain at all. It was blowing a gale however.

We started off walking up the Roman Road where I could hardly miss this large clump of Chicken of the Woods fungus.

Chicken of the Woods fungi

On the heath the heather is looking lovely at the moment.


And here it is in amongst the gorse.

Heather and Gorse

We walked from the Roman Road onto the heath and up to the top of the hill where Max had a few problems with the wind.

Chocks Away!

I have a whole series of photos of him standing up there with his ears flapping about: it looks as though he is sending a semaphore message.

As we walked on round the sun started to come out.

Max ignores the view - he just wants to play

And just after I took that Max went in one of his favourite little boggy pools. Further on down the hill he also went in the muddy gully. So I ended up with a very muddy dog.

Muddy Dog!

We headed on towards the pond so that I could wash him off. I have included this next photo as you can see the problems he is having with his hind legs at times.

Max's back legs aren't great at times

At the pond we met our friend Sky, a 12 year old staffy.

Meet Sky

She posed for me nicely.


And then barked at me when I stopped feeding her treats!

Sky barks to ttell me she wants another treat

By the time we left the pond I had a clean dog, so we headed back to the car and home.

A year ago today

We had tree surgeons in, cutting the dead branches out of our oak tree.



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