With friends on Upton Heath

Monday 22nd August 2016

It being Monday morning we went to Upton Heath for our walk this morning. We had only just crossed the road before Jez had to have a rest.

Jez has an intersting way of sitting

Poor little soul can’t sit normally any more, so this is how she now sits.

We eventually walked on towards the ponds and when we got to Keith’s bench (so called as our friend Janet dedicated it to her late husband Keith) we found our friends Sue and Peter (another photographer) with their two Border Collies, Ginny and Connor. While we sat chatting I took the opportunity to take a few photos of Connor.


After we’d spent a while with them we walked on to the pond where we met Zeus, the very large, bouncy dog who was adopted from Battersea Dogs Home last November.

Zeus by the pond

He came bounding over to us, causing Jez to cower out of the way. And it wasn’t long before he stole Max’s cones.

Zeus has stolen Max's cone

Poor Max, he just wanted to play, but every time I threw him a cone Zeus got there first. By the time I took this photo I think Max was getting desperate.

Max waits for me to throw his cone

Eventually Zeus and his owner left so Max had a bit of time to play by himself before we walked on. Today, instead of re-tracing our steps we walked around the rest of the lower heath.

Jez on the lower heath

I think Jez must be starting to feel a bit better, even though she still wobbles a lot when she walks, as she is choosing to walk further again.

A year ago today

Max had split one of his claws badly, so I had to soak it each night.

Max has to soak his poorly paw in salt water after a walk


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