Friends old and new

Monday 29th August 2016

It was a lovely sunny morning for our walk over Upton Heath. We hadn’t gone far when we bumped into our friend Ralph, the staffy-cross, whose Dad, Lee, rescued him from Margaret Green Animal Rescue. He’s a really lovely boy as you can see.


That photo was taken in the pine trees, where I also took this photo of Jez.


We talked to Lee and Ralph played with his stick for a while and then we walked on. Here is Max and a couple of walkers heading towards the pond.

Walking across the heath

Of course, at the pond Max just wanted me to throw his cone.

Max at the pond

So we played for a while and Jez waded in and cooled down and then we continued our walk. We cut through the old pits as usual, where Jez had a bit of a rest.

Jez has a rest

Coming out from the pits we met a new friend, Parsley the Cavechon, also a rescue, but this time from Waggy Tails.

Meet Parsley the Cavachon

And I soon discovered that Parsley loves to stand on her hind legs and beg for treats.

Parsely wants a treat After we said goodbye to Parsley we walked on round the lower heat.

As we headed for the Roman Road we met our friend Sidney the staffy who was out with the people who walk him during the week.

We met Sidney the Staffy (Max doesn't look too happy about it)

For some reason Max doesn’t look to happy in that photo. But here’s a really nice one of Sidney, who was happy to pose for me.

Our friend Sidney

And lastly for today, it was into the shade of the Roman Road and another cool down in the stream before Chris picked us up.

Shade along the Roman Road

What a lovely walk we’d had.

A year ago today

Jez cools down again, this time in the pond at the top of Upton Heath.

Now what has Jez spotted


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