We try Corfe Hills again

Sunday 4th September 2016

I was thinking about where to take the dogs for their walk this afternoon and suddenly fancied taking them back to Corfe Hills. We have only been there once before as its not a very long walk due to it being a patch of heath in the middle of Broadstone Golf Course. But looking at the map I thought there might be a slightly longer circular walk we could do.

So we parked and walked across the fairway on the golf course (there’s a footpath across the middle) onto the heath.

Jez and Max at Corfe Hills

We turned off the main track and took a little path that runs alongside it. Here’s Jez looking pleased with herself.

Jez looking pleased with herself

And Max with this ball.

Max with his ball

We followed the path around a little loop and then headed along the new path I planned to follow. Along the way we found a couple of seats.

A nice place to sit

They look out over Rushcombe Bottom. Here’s another view from a bit further on.

View across Rushcombe Bottom

And from there we could go no further as there was a big sign saying Private No Public Right of Way Beyond this Point. So we had to go back. I was right. It’s not much of a walk.

A year ago today

Max had torn a nail which wasn’t healing so I’d bought him some boots.

Best foot forward, Max


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