After the rain

Monday 5th September 2016

We had rain overnight which meant that Jez decided that the safest course of action was to stay in bed. So that just left Max and I to go for our walk on Upton Heath where some of the grass looked bejewelled with raindrops.

Bejewelled grass

We met our friend Zeus at the pond.


As usual he was doing his best to steal all of the cones I was throwing for Max, and I have to say he is very successful at it. Max just stands there and looks a bit bemused, hoping that eventually there will be a cone for him.

Max in the pond

They get on fine though, and I really like this photo of the two of them.

Zeus and Max in the pond

You can see in that photo just how big Zeus is though. He’s a real gentle giant.

There are no photos from a year ago today.


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