Henry and Ariadne

Thursday 8th September 2016

This morning Max and I went over to Upton Heath fairly early and bumped into our friend Dawn with her two English Pointers, Henry and Ariadne (Addy). I didn’t take Jez as she had a hydro-fit session at noon.

So here are Henry and Addy at the pond, playing tug with a small stick.

Addy and Henry

Of course, Addy won as always.

Addy with her stick

Back around our side of the pond I was trying to get a photo of Henry, but Addy just had to be in the photo too.

Good photobomb Addy!

I eventually got my photo of Henry though.


After visiting the pond we all walked on around the lower heath together, meeting our friends Twink and Tink along the way. And then I bought Max home and took Jez to her hydrotherapy session which went well today. She also had the first in a new course of Cartrophen injections to help with her joints, which she didn’t like as it hurt her for some reason. Poor little soul.

A year ago yesterday

There are no photos from a year ago today, so here’s one from a year ago yesterday when, coincidentally, we met Henry and Addy on Upton Heath. This photo is of Max, however.

Happy Boy


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