Jezebel’s 9th Birthday

Monday 12th September 2016

Today was Jez’s 12th birthday. She decided not to come with Max and I when we went for our walk on Upton Heath in the morning. Rather she chose to have a lie in. She did go out with Chris in the afternoon though. When they came home we had presents and the peanut butter cookies I had baked for the occasion. There are lots of photos on my Flickr feed, but I will share a few of the best ones here.

We started with Chris teasing the dogs with the peanut butter cookies…

Chris teases the dogs with peanut butter cookies

…before allowing them to have some.

Time for a peanut butter cookie

Then it was time for presents.

Present time

Max helped himself to a new Monkey soft toy.

Max helps himself to Monkey

Whilst Jez took some persuading that the small, squeaky space hopper was something she could play with.

Chris tries to persuade Jez its a toy

She did, eventually, get the hang of it though.

Jez investigates

Here’s Chris and Max.

Chris and Max

And here are the two of them with Jez.

Chris, Jez and Max

I also took a bit of video.

And a portrait of the birthday girl.

Birthday girl

Who soon got a bit tired of the proceedings.

Birthdays can be very tiring

And then after all that there was chicken and rice for their dinner. I hope she had a nice birthday.

A year ago today

Of course, it was Jezebel’s 8th birthday. Here she is posing for me on Upton Heath.



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