Three days on Upton Heath

Saturday 1st, Sunday 2nd & Monday 3rd October 2016

I’ve had a few days of walking on Upton Heath. On the Saturday afternoon (can it really be October already?) Max and I drove over and walked around the lower heath. Jez decided not to come as she had been out with Chris in the morning. I was surprised to see a big Parasol fungus right at the edge of the pine trees. Surprised for two reasons: it’s not a fungus I have seen anywhere on the heath before and it was about the only fungus that hadn’t been kicked over by people walking along.

Large parasol

It was quite a sunny afternoon as you can see from this photo of Max taken as we were leaving the pond he plays in.

Max on the heath

And back on the subject of fungi, in amongst the silver birch trees I found this pretty little Grisette.


So that was our Saturday walk. On Sunday I drove up to Corfe Mullen and we walked around the very top of the heath. Here are the dogs at one of the small pools in the gravel area where local boys like to ride their bikes.

Puddle time

On the whole it was a fairly uneventful walk, but I did get super excited when I came across a beautiful little Amethyst Deceiver by the reservoir.

Amethyst Deceiver

And so onto Monday when we were back on the lower heath. I was really surprised to see the Parasol fungus still in tact. Here’s a photo of it with my foot included so that you can get some idea of the size of it.

Parasol fungus (indication of size)

We walked onto the pond and met our friends Henry and Addy.

Henry and Addy

Max, of course, pretty much ignored them and just waited for me to throw his cone.


And that was about it. Apart from the fact that, now I have to have the kitchen floor replaced I’ve decided it might be a good time to have the whole kitchen replaced. It is long overdue. The cabinets are now 34 years old and the doors are falling off. So in the afternoon a lady came round from Magnet kitchens to measure up and produce a design for us.

A year ago today

Sheep at Upton Country Park on 1 October.

The sheep's in the meadow


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