More Sweet Chestnuts

Thursday 6th October 2016

I didn’t have a walk yesterday. I went to my Dad’s as usual but didn’t take the dogs. The reason is that, since we have to have the kitchen floor replaced, I’ve decided that the Universe is trying to tell me that it’s finally time to have a new kitchen. After all, it’s only 34 years old! So I wanted to go to a kitchen showroom and electrical showroom near Dad’s, hence leaving the dogs at home.

On Thursday morning Jez, Max and I went for a walk at Upton Country Park. Max was such a happy boy. There were load of Sweet Chestnuts, like these, still on the tree.

Sweet Chestnuts on the tree

We skirted around Llewellyn Wood but at the far side I spotted a huge bunch of Sweet Chestnuts. I pointed them out to Max who picked them up, but as I took this photo of him he got distracted by something out of shot.

It must be interesting to draw Max's attention away from that huge bunch of Sweet Chestnuts

He soon set about chewing them up though.

Max sets about tearing into a large bunch of Sweet Chestnuts

After we got home and had some lunch Chris and I went round to see the lady who had come to measure our kitchen on Monday, and we signed up to have ours replaced and paid our deposit.

There are no photos from a year ago today.


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