Max has his operation

Thursday 13th October 2016

I got up bright and early this morning to take Max to the vet to have his lump removed. After I had dropped him off I came home and took Jez to Upton Country Park. We didn’t have a very long walk. First of all she had a rest outside the walled garden…

Resting at the Country Park

… then she had a rest inside the walled garden.

Jez in the walled garden

The flowers were pretty, though.

Autumn colour in the gardens

And the bees were still collecting pollen from the dahlias.

A bee is still hard at work

And then we walked back to the car.

After we got home Jez decided to hide under the coffee table for some reason.

Peeking out from under the coffee table

In the afternoon I went to pick Max up from the vet. The operation had gone well but he was pretty groggy for the rest of the day (and most of the next day too).

Sleepy after his operation

And yes, its normal for him to turn his eyes up so that only the whites show when he’s asleep.

A year ago today

Max and I went for a walk on Canford Heath.

Max in the stream


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