Max is out and about again

Sunday 16th October 2016

It took Max until yesterday to properly come round. But he’s fine. I took him for his nurse check up in the morning and his wound, which is only about 3-4cm long, looks clean, although she thought it might be a bit swollen, so he’s going back again on Tuesday.

He’s supposed to be restricted to the garden, but as there doesn’t seem much wrong with him I took him for a short walk this afternoon with Jez up to Corfe Mullen. I didn’t even bother with a lead except to keep him out of the pond as he’s only trotting around. Here he is in the afternoon sun.

Max in the afternoon sun

As I said, we only did the very short circuit up there. But I found a fly agaric which had been nibbled …

Nibbled Fly Agaric

… and a chunky boletus.


I’m pleased to say that in the evening Max didn’t seem any the worse for his walk.

A year ago today

We were at Upton Country Park where Max managed to find himself a nice nig bunch of sweet chestnuts.

Max looks to have found the perfect sweet chestnut


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