Autumn at Kingston Lacy

Thursday 20th October 2016

Today we went to Kingston Lacy for our walk.

Kingston Lacy house

It has the advantage of having no water, so keeping Max out of it is not a problem, plus I knew that the Acers would be starting to put on their autumn show.

Because we had Jez with us today we didn’t do the full circular walk and instead I cut out the Woodland Walk portion and took the path behind the restaurant that comes out close to the Bamboo Grove. We walked through that and on into the Acer Glade.

Across the acer glade

As you can see, the leaves here are beginning to turn.

Acer leaves are turning

Some more than others.

Acer leaves

I rather like this photo, taken from underneath and looking up to the sky.

Acer leaves against the sky

From the Acer Glade we walked through the Winter Garden, where Max was delighted to find some Sweet Chestnuts, and then onto Nursery Wood, where I spotted this lovely Magpie Ink Cap in the borders.

Magpie Ink Cap

Of course, the Acers are not the only plants that are becoming very colourful in Autumn: the Azaleas are too.

Max by the azaleas

We continued on round and when we got to the Cedar Avenue we got a bit of a surprise as there were sheep grazing there.

Who let the sheep out?

Oddly enough Jez wasn’t that interested, although I made sure I kept her well away from the electric fence that had been erected. Of course, Max had to bark at them. This sheep clearly wasn’t impressed.

I'm watching you

And after all that excitement it was time for Jez to have a rest…

Jez has a rest

… while Max and I stood and waited.

Max stands patiently

And that was our walk. It had been a lovely walk and a good choice of venue.

A year ago today

Autumn seemed to be further advanced this time last year – at least it was a Broadstone Rec where we went for our walk.

The angel bows her head amidst the autumn leaves


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