Back on Upton Heath

Tuesday 25th October 2016

Usually I take the dogs over to Upton Heath on a Monday morning before I do my grocery shopping. This week, though, I had to take Max to the vet to have his stitches removed. The vet was pleased with him and Max is pleased that he can go back in the water again, which I did when I called in to walk him on Canford Heath on the way home. It was grey and murky though, and starting to rain, so there are no photos.

On Tuesday morning I did my Monday morning walk: Chris ran me and the dogs over to Upton Heath and dropped us off. Here’s Jez standing my the gate just after we’d crossed the Roman Road.

Jez stands by the gate

Here’s Max on the path to the pond.

The path to the pond

Excuse the fact that when I edited this I didn’t realise that the lens cap had not been on properly and is showing in the top right corner!

At the pond at last – after nearly 2 weeks!

Max waits by the pond

As you can see it started off a bit grey and murky, but by the time we moved away from the pond the sun was trying to break through. You can see the difference in this photo of Jez sniffing the air just a few yards from the pond.

Jez sniffs the air

And by the time Jez decided she wanted to walk up the hill it was really rather nice.

Max waits for us

Having been kept away from water for so long Max was keen to stand in every little drop he could find.

Will you throw my cone Mum?

Part way up the hill we were caught up by Dawn with Henry and Addy, so we continued on with them.

By one of the little gullies I found some lovely fungi all tumbled over.

Broken fungi

I had trouble keeping Addy out of the photo though.

And finally for today, here’s Henry at the top of the hill, doing his bit for Tongue out Tuesday.

Henry's entry for Tongue Out Tuesday

So after a dull start we’d had a really lovely walk on the heath.

A year ago today

We were walking on Upton Heath in the afternoon close to where we ended up today.

Walking across the field in the late afternoon sun


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