Our weekend walks on Upton Heath

Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd October 2016

Yes. The week-end means we go walking on Upton Heath nowadays. On Saturday I get Chris to drop me off as we never know what route Jez will take and where we will end up. Today she decided on the lower heath.

Upton Heath

Max still has his stitches in so we have to avoid water and fortunately today Jez refused to walk in the direction of the pond. And once we got onto the lower heath she decided to take the path through the middle.

Walking across the lower heath

Max might not have got to the pond but he did find a puddle, which caused a bit of a doggy traffic jam.

Traffic jam in the puddle

After that we made our way to the Roman Road and then off the Heath opposite Woodpecker Road where Chris came and picked us up.

On Sunday we tacked the other end of the heath and I took the dogs up to Corge Mullen. Here, under the pine trees, I found a crown of Sulphur Tuft fungi.

Crown of Sulphur Tufts

I thought they were rather lovely.

Sulphur Tufts

Elsewhere the blackberry leaves are beautiful colour in places.

Blackberry leaves

And even the seed heads of dying perennials look rather nice.

Seed heads

We walked around the reservoir (I don’t think I’ve said but it’s fenced off with high banks and hedges so you can’t actually see it) and then went back to the car where Jez lay on the grass and waited to see what dogs came along. While she did that I occupied myself by playing with the fisheye effect on the camera. Which made Max look rather grumpy.

Max - fisheye effect

And here’s another one of him.

Max - fisheye effect

I don’t know what possessed me to take a photo up his nose!

A year ago today

We were also walking on Upton Heath. Here’s Max by the stream along the Roman Road.

Along the Roman Road


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