Autumn at Broadstone Rec.

Friday 28th October 2016

Today we went to Broadstone Rec. for our walk. It is quite convenient on a Friday as I do my grocery shopping before I take the dogs out.

This week the leaves are really starting to turn. This was our view of the war memorial.

The angel in Autumn

Walking on round the acer is finally starting to turn in the gardens, although it is still not completely red.

In the gardens

And here’s one of the trees alongside the path. I think it’s a beech from the shape of the leaves.

Autumn Colours

We did a fairly full circuit today, taking in the playing fields and coming back around the heath. Here is a view across the heath.

Looking out over the heath

And finally, Jez having a rest near the children’s playground.


It’s always a nice little walk.

A year ago today

Max and I went for a walk on Canford Heath.

Max in the stream


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