Saturday on Upton Heath

Saturday 29th October 2016

As usual on a Saturday I did my cleaning in the morning and then took the dogs over to Upton Heath in the afternoon. Today Jez decided that we would walk up the Roman Road. But first we had to walk through part of Longmeadow Lane woods, where I found clusters of fungi growing on old tree trunks.


Here are some more. Aren’t they lovely and delicate?

Fungi on old tree stump

We came out of the woods onto the Roman Road and started to walk up the hill. I took this photo looking back towards the old railway bridge.

Along the Roman Road

On a conifer along the path I found lots of these lovely, colourful fungi. I can’t quite work out what they are though.

Growing along the Roman Road

We turned off into Pine Springs Nature Reserve and at the side of the path were these two little puff balls.


As usual Jez had to stop and have a rest as we walked through Pine Springs, but I eventually managed to move her on and we came out further up the Roman Road and then turned onto the heath.

Looking over the heath

At one point Max ran off into the heather and Jez joined him. I don’t know what they’d found, but it certainly held their interest.

Now what have they found?

We cut across the the Viewpoint, close to which Jez had to have another rest.

Happy dog

And then we walked around the top of the hill and I phoned Chris to come and pick us up.

A year ago today

Max and I went to Upton Country Park where a very high tide had flooded the stream.

The stream is very swollen today


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