Autumn in Corfe Mullen

Sunday 30th October 2016

Of course, I mean the Corfe Mullen end of Upton Heath, as this was our Sunday afternoon walk. But the sun was out and Autumn colours abound, as you can see from this photo of Jez heading towards Upton Heath (if you can spot her!).

Jez heads towards Upton Heath

Before we reached that spot, though, I noticed that under the pine trees the ring of Sulphur Tuft fungi that I photographed last week had decayed considerably, but these were close by.

Sulphur Tufrs

Once on the heath we had to wait around quite a while while Jez sat near the sometimes-pond (currently a muddy puddle) in the late afternoon sunshine.

Sitting in the afternoon sunshine

Eventually a young dog came along that she wanted to play with, so we were able to follow that and move on. This photo is looking west. You can just see the edges of Corfe Mullen in it.

View across Corfe Mullen

Further on and I found a lovely little wax cap nestling at the side of the path.

Wax Cap

At the edges of the old gravel pits Max was happy to play in the the little pools of water that seem to be a permanent fixture.

Max in a big puddle

We walked on round the edge of the reservoir and headed back to the car. Here you could clearly see Autumn has arrived.

Autumn on the heath

We crossed over Corfe Lodge Road where the late afternoon sunshine was filtering through the trees.

Sunlight through the trees

And lastly, in the field beside the car park, I loved this single tree which has turned red with the season, set against the background of green.

Red amongst the green

After I took that photo I turned around and Jez had disappeared. I found her watching a man with a remote controlled car on the grass near the car park. The car was racing round and round in circles with was a young staffy in hot pursuit. It was his way of excercising his dog!

A year ago today

Max and I went for a walk at Upton Country Park.

In amongst the leaves


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